Media release
7 September 2007


Why wait for imported popcorn to be clear of Diacetyl, when you can enjoy New Zealand Made microwave Popcorn from DrBugs, which is Diacetyl Free.

Exposure to Diacetyl, an ingredient in typical synthetic Butter Flavour has been linked to hundreds of cases of workers in the US whose lungs have been damaged or destroyed. Recently it has been reported that a consumer of Microwave Popcorn in the US has developed a similar condition. (The New York Times 5 sep 07)

Happy Snacks Ltd are pleased to advise the market that it’s range of Microwave Popcorn is free of Diacetyl. Happy Snacks ltd have monitored the issues raised in the US and have worked to find a solution to the industry problem. In May 07 we introduced a suitable replacement flavour, which was free of Diacetyl without compromising our great Buttery Taste.

The issue of Diacetyl is long standing in the US, as a company we were determined to eliminate this ingredient in our Product range, if it was at all feasible. Diacetyl is a natural occurring ingredient in Milk, Butter and Cheese, so to use Natural Flavours would have posed similar risk.

So eat popcorn with confidence today and support New Zealand Made. DrBugs Popcorn is available online at and in some selected retail outlets.

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Raymond Posthuma
Managing Director